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thetragic's Journal

The Tragic
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OK, time to talk in third person so that this will sound all neat and professional and interesting ...


Upon being outcast from society, xjayceex found it necessary to create a community more suited to his personality; to the personalities of those who just don't fit in anywhere. He's never felt like he belonged anywhere; with anyone. Thereby, this is a support community with very few limitations on what you can and cannot post about. Pretty much, there isn't anything that isn't on-topic. The only posts that will be deleted are those from "outsiders" who find it funny to be a jack-ass.

This community is really to bring together those kids in high school who didn't have very many friends ...
  • fat guys
  • curvy chicks
  • goths
  • alternative kids
  • hardcore kids
  • punks
  • outcasts
  • pierced demons
  • inked up weirdos
  • the middle child
  • computer dorks
  • writers
  • musicians
  • fans of The Crow
  • new metal kids
  • heavy metal kids
  • lonely kids
  • gay guys
  • lesbian girls
  • bisexuality (you greedy ass people :-D)
  • artists

Pretty much, if you're not accepted anyone else ... I want you to come here. Regardless if you're looking for a date, want to post about something stupid that happened to you on that day, a past experience ... Anything you want to post about, go ahead.

There are only a few things that will NOT be tolerated ... Flaming of any type of general race, creed, religion, or whatnot ... You know what I'm talking about; don't be stupid.

This community is for all those kids who have ever felt uncared for. Who have ever felt like no one else gave a shit about them. This proves that we do. :-)