JILL (starshapedworld) wrote in thetragic,

Stop the Construction of a Toxic Waste Incinerator in New Brunswick, Canada WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT!

Bennett Environmental, Inc. is proposing to import large quantities of toxic waste (100,000+ tons per year of contaminated soil), from polluted sites in the U.S. & Canada, then treating it in the Chaleur region of New Brunswick. Bennett facilities have been rejected in the province of British Columbia, Ontario and by the state of Massachusetts. But, the New Brunswick government, dismissing fierce opposition from doctors, scientists, environmentalists, and many concerned citizens, has given preliminary approval for a Bennett toxic waste incinerator in Belledune, New Brunswick. The incinerator is currently under construction and could be operational in the spring of 2004. We need help getting the word out!

Please visit http://www.stopbennett.com to sign the petition.
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will make up for the toxic waste in other areas. instead of it being it our water it'll drop as water on our heads.